How to Lose Weight Naturally

Have you ever wondered how to lose weight naturally? Natural weight loss is the loss weightmost simple and effective way for permanent weight loss. It’s not about dieting; it’s about making gradual changes to your eating habits that will help you lose the weight for good. Here are a few easy steps to help you start losing weight naturally.


How to Lose Weight – The Basics of Weight Loss

Lose WeightAt it’s most basic, losing weight is about burning more calories than you eat. That seems simple enough, but if were really that simple, none of us would have a weight problem. Too often we take drastic measures to see results — diets, pills or those weird fitness gadgets on infomercials that promise instant success. Maybe you lose weight but what happens when you go off that diet or stop that crazy workout program? You gain it all back and more. The real secret to weight loss is to make small, lasting changes. The key is to forget about instant results and settle in for the long run.

Rules of Weight Loss

Forex Invest Bot | Forex Auto Trading Software

Today we’ll be exploring theForex Invest Bot  – this is another expert advisor developed by Eugene L., the builder of the Forex Growth Bot (FGB) that we reviewed recently. The developer says that the Forex Invest Bot is based on the strategy of its predecessor FGB, with some improvements added, such as updates allowing the bot to avoid long series of losses.
Just like FGB, the Forex Invest Bot is designed to work on the Metatrader (MT4) platform – so if you decide to opt for this robot, make sure to pick anMT4 broker.
The Forex Invest Bot is available for $197, with a 60-day money back guarantee. The price is higher than that of FGB – $129, but is lower than the $395 you will have to forsake for Robin Vol (the robot to which Forex Invest Bot is often compared) for a single year.
Why do I consider the Forex Invest Bot worth of your attention? For starters, it currently stands at the 6th place in’s ranking of forex robots based on monthly gains. What is more, its predecessor – the FGB – has been very popular amongst traders as well.

Backtests: profitable trading

As with Forex Growth Robot, the developer of Forex Invest Bot is diligent in terms of backtesting and offers a couple of backtests. Both are for the period from January 2, 2007 to October 9, 2012. EURUSD is traded on a M15 (fifteen-minute) time frame.
The difference between the two tests is the risk setting. One of the tests is ran with a low-risk setting, the other – with a medium-risk one.
The common part about the tests is that they both show profits for this period. The low-risk test shows a total net profit of $195,140, while the medium-risk test generated gains of $2,536,126. I guess you were impressed by the latter result, but it comes at the expense of a bigger drawdown. The relative drawdown for the low-risk test stands at 31%, while for the medium-risk test it is at 43%. Both readings indicate substantial risk for trading, but this is not unacceptable. Since the difference in risk levels envisaged by the low-risk and medium-risk settings is not that big, while the reward in the riskier mode is quite larger, we recommend that you opt for the medium-risk settings of this bot.
The percentage of profit trades (58%) outweighs the percentage of loss trades (42%) in the low-risk backtest, but in the medium-risk backtest the percentage of profit trades (50%) equals that of loss trades. However, in both backtests the average profit trade size outperforms that of average loss. This is how the robot manages to keep your account profitable. Smooth!

Smashing live trading results

The developer of the Forex Invest Bot has applied this expert advisor to one real account on It has been active since December 3, 2012, which makes it only three-months old. However, some observations should and will be made.
The account, registered with Synergy FX and trading EURUSD, has enjoyed a gain of 41% since its launch. The success is underlined by the fact that all of the three months of activity have been marked by gain growth (6%, 13% and 18% respectively). As you can see, growth rate is rising and that’s awesome.
Some of you might ask about the risk associated with such a gain. Well, the relative drawdown is at a nice level of around 10%, which indicates a safe trading strategy.
As you can see, the Forex Invest Bot outperforms Robin Vol (18%) in terms of relative drawdown. In addition, note please that the Forex Invest Bot beats Robin Vol with reference to gain, given that the cumulative gain for December, 2012 and January and February 2013 for Robin Vol’s live account with Pepperstone is about 20%. Remember how pricy Robin Vol is? Now you can be certain that sometimes less can mean more.
Although the Forex Invest Bot’s relative drawdown is better than the one resulting from the trade of Forex Growth Bot (42%), FGB provides higher gains – the gain for December, 2012, as well as January and February 2013 exceeds 50%. As it seems, risking pays off with the robots of Eugene L.
More good news come from the average pips per trade for the account to which Forex Invest Bot is applied – the ratio stands at solid 13.6. This indicates trading resilient to drastic changes in market behavior. The result is quite remarkable when compared to the meagre 3.3 average pips per trade achieved by Robin Vol and the 6.6 average pips per trade achieved by FGB.
On top of this, the average win of 42 pips, or $82, outmatches the average loss of 24 pips, or $51, and the number of trades won (57%) is higher than the number of trades lost. What this means is that the robot is able to keep the account profitable despite several series of losses.

Saving the world and some money too

Ok, maybe the Forex Invest Bot is not saving the whole world, but it is surely doing a great job saving the world of one’s personal finances. The robot has been performing great, at least until this moment.
There have been speculations about its advantages and disadvantages compared to several other EAs, like Robin Vol (which is quite expensive) and FGB. In such circumstances, when there are so many voices pro and contra, it is particularly hard to make a choice. My advice is to consider only the numbers – let the pips do the talking and you do the listening. I’m sure that you cannot go wrong.

Know your Keywords

Expert advisor (EA) – An algorithmic trading system for the MetaTrader platform; a trading robot. EA’s can either be downloaded free of charge or for a fee, or can be programmed in the MQL programming language.
Backtesting – Testing a trading strategy on past time periods through a simulation.
Drawdown – A trader’s biggest loss for a certain period of time, expressed either in pips or as a percentage of the trader’s profit. The lower the drawdown percentage, the less riskier the trading strategy. Let’s say you start with a balance of $1,000, then make a profit of $1,000, and after that lose $500. Your drawdown will be 25% ($500/ $1000 + $1000 = 0.25 = 25%).
Live account – A trading account where broker customers invest actual money. Most brokers offer traders the possibility to trade with a demo account before or along with creating a real one.
Lot – The standardized contract size of a trading instrument. A standard lot consists of 100,000 currency units, a mini lot – of 10,000; a micro lot – of 1,000 units, and a nano lot – of 100 units. If you are buying 1 lot EURUSD at 1.3000 for example, you are buying 100,000 Euro for 130,000 US Dollars.
Pip – The fourth digit after the decimal sign of a price quote. For example: if the EUR/USD moves from 1.3350 to 1.3351, that is one pip. Pips are used to measure price movement, profit and slippage.

Forex Growth Bot | Forex Robot Software

FoForex Growth Botrex Growth Bot is easy to install, it can be running on your broker account within 5 minutes! It’s  time to STOP living from paycheck to paycheck And finally start GENERATING some SERIOUS INCOME.

Discover how you can use Forex Growth Bot to make a consistent and profitable low risk KILLING in the Forex markets.

Forex Growth Bot is a real product. It was developed by a GENIUS MATHEMATICIAN from Russia to free himself from the dreadful 9 to 5 job. There are many people who already use it and have had extraordinary success. The results above are real and speak for themselves.

It doesn’t matter if you have $150 or $10,000 to invest. Forex Growth Bot will focus on

minimizing risk on each trade while growing your account at a reasonable rate.

Forex Growth Bot is a forex robot that any traders can use to start generating serious income off of forex markets. Whether you are a complete newbie or someone who has some experience in forex trading, you will benefit from this robot.

This forex trading software developed by Eugene Lipinsky (Russian Mathematician) which aims to provide a forex trader a reasonable rate of return without the risks. It was created with the intention of automating his own income with a safe and profitable strategy. He designed Forex Growth Bot with two important things in mind; real capital management & specific and carefully calculated trade entries and exits.

Real Capital Management – You need a strong capital management in trading currency or you would lose a lot of money even if you have the smartest strategy. It has that ‘Advanced Stop Loss’ technology that makes very tight stops and wave within very little frame to maintain profits. Almost all winning trades exceed loses by the double and even triple.

Specific and Carefully Calculated Entries And Exits – The Forex Growth Bot Software aims for specific market conditions that it will make a trade when all conditions are favorable. If conditions draw down it will close trades right away to avoid loses. It works in all market conditions and is able to adapt quickly to close any position that fails to get profit.

Forex Growth Bot Robot was designed based on real proper capital management and specific and carefully calculated trade entries and exits. With this robot, lot sizes are proportional to account size, the stop loss and take profit are hidden from the broker, and you have an option to reinvest capital. This robot has broker stealth features and also uses an advanced stop loss technology to help you maintain your profits.

It works on all market conditions, but it closes out any position that does not go in a profitable direction. This robot also adapts to 4 and 5 digit brokers and trades primarily on EUR/USD in 15-minute timeframe.

The Software Features

• Automates income for steady and consistent earnings

• Requires little to no experience in trading

• Winning strategy helps you make money without the work

The features of Forex Growth Bot are evident because even if you are not an expert or experienced stock trader, you will see the results within a month. The safe and effective tool can be the best thing to help you make money without sitting in front of the computer all day. The intelligent strategy will put you on the winning team with consistent rewards.

What Users Love about the Software

• Don’t require much experience to start making profit

• Great way to automate income

• Low competition and more chances of making more money

There are many users that love the Forex Growth Bot for its easy operation that doesn’t skimp on profits. This great way to automate your steady income will still allow you to do other things with your time. Many users who have tried and stayed with this strategy are seeing results within a month.

Forex Growth Bot System is easy to install and use. It is completely automated, so there’s no need for you to tweak it after installation. With this robot, you can get your profits automatically. If you purchase it, you will also receive free Forex Growth Bot Income Accelerator Indicator and customer support 24/7.

Pipjet | Forex Robot Trading Software

PipJet is a Forex trading robot created by the Forex Megadroid Team. Just so you know, Pip Jet development has been in the process for 2 years. The team has been working to perfect their robot to make sure that it will match or even beat the success of their Forex Megadroid Robot. PipJet takes advantage of that currency pair that they discovered a particular pattern. This pattern, as they say, will be the next gold rush in Forex trading and will change the way trading is done for years.

PipJet’s Performance

In terms of performance, PipJet is a beauty. It has been trading for almost two years with only three losing trades and a very low drawdown. With 5 live accounts, it has already made nearly $40,000 since August of 2010. They have a number of recurring trends with a certain currency pair that can be easily exploited and turned into profit. They have already automated its process and now they’re looking forward to provide it to Forex readers, hoping to get an advantage.


It is true that no one can actually guarantee the success or failure of one product, but PipJet is a real deal And those numbers sound pretty impressive, too. The numbers presented would be enough to convince you that PipJet works. You can start the trading now. But if you’re still not convinced, why not start with a demo account first? If the program does not work, you can ask for a refund and it be sent as soon as possible since PipJet offers a 60 day money back guarantee. But if it works, you can start trading live money and keep the program.

How to weight loss – Fat Loos Factor

Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss program developed by Dr. Charles Livingston, a certified nutritionist and chiropractor. It is now available online combining a eBook, videos and detailed workout plans.

The first phase of the program is cleansing. According to Dr. Livingston, if liver fails to break down cholesterol, fat begins to accumulate and causes obesity. Therefore, the number one priority is to cleanse the liver restoring its ability to filter toxic substances, and breaking the vicious fat accumulation cycle.

Once the cleansing is complete, the program proceeds to the second stage, which is weight loss proper. This is accomplished by a diet comrised of special foods with fat burning properties and an exercise program consisting of cardio workouts and strength training. Dr. Charles prefers shorter cardio workouts as they are more beneficial for weight loss that multi-hour marathons.

An advantage of Fat Loss Factor is its highly customizable nature. Dr. Livingston provides different exercise routines for men and women and also different workout plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. In addition, there are mini-workouts for those who can’t find time for the full workouts.

“Flexibility is very important when choosing a weight loss program”, says Tim Brody, a reviewer at TBReviews, “A rigid diet plan or exercise program is useless if you can’t follow it exactly to the letter, which for most people isn’t possible. Fat Loss Factor is advantageous in this regard. For example, if you realize that you don’t have time for a full 40-minute workout, this doesn’t mean you mark the day as failed in your exercise plan – simply perform the alternative 15-minute mini-workout instead”

Fat Loss Factor focuses on organic food in both cleansing and fat burning stage, which is a mixed blessing. On one hand, organic foods are obviously healthier and better suited for a weight loss diet. On the other hand, they are more expensive.

Finally, Dr. Livingston’s program pays a lot of attention to maintenance of low stress levels and emotional support because according to him, mental well being is absolutely necessary for achieving weight loss goals.
“There are no magic diet pill”, says Tim Brody, “Effort is necessary but a well-thought out scientifically based weight loss program such as Fat Loss Factor is a leverage that can significantly decrease the amount of effort required greatly increasing your chances of success.”


Lose Weight Fast

I really hope this may help and motivate someone to get out, get active and find the person they really are inside.

Since my late teens I have tried many diets – counting points, drinking meal replacements shakes, even “detox” diets. On one particular occasion about 10 years ago I attended weekly meetings and stuck to my diet and I lost about 6 pounds. I then floated around the same sort of weight until I met the person I love. I got a little bit comfortable and gained a few pounds. We got married and I guess I got a little more comfortable over time gaining a further 10 pounds… . I gained a lot of weight when I had my son, using it as an excuse to constantly eat!

I knew I had to do something about it. Even getting the buggy set up left me puffing and out of breath let alone actually taking my son out for a walk! I knew I was in there somewhere but instead the real me was being hidden by this big body. I felt invisible. Nobody else knew that the real me was being held hostage in my own body! I remember walking through a shopping centre pushing the double buggy feeling like a fat, frumpy idiot– definitely felt a LOT older than my years too. I used to look at the slim ones and think how easy they had it. I was jealous and sometimes even found myself thinking spiteful thoughts about them – even though that was just completely out of my character, sometimes I felt like my eyes were throwing daggers at people who were in any way, shape or form closer to what I WANTED to be.. happy, slim, attractive, confident.

I’d lost ALL of those qualities along with the weight gain. I felt utterly stupid just talking to people in the shops sometimes, just because I felt so lost in my own body. Nobody would notice me walk past them in the street – unless maybe I was eating something, and then I would swear I could hear them saying “you don’t need that“. Shopping was an absolutely AWFUL and soul destroying experience. I’d go out with the usual thrills and excitement of buying a new outfit, only to face clothes that either didn’t fit or didn’t stock my size. Even the sizes that did fit made me felt unattractive; the reflection staring back at me was not somebody I really recognised anymore… I think I found it hard to know who I actually was anymore.

I started losing weight on my own first and it was a real struggle. I thought I “knew what I was doing” but in reality I had no clue! Although I’d lost weight before I had only ever thought in “points” so I really had no real idea of what calories and fat were in foods.

I did not want to be like that anymore!even when you think you can do no more… you CAN!

But when I was looking into the weight loss programs, it seems like weight loss was the last thing that the program was designed to do.Iv tried many of them, but Can you imagine how frustrating that would be? You set a goal. You lose some weight, and you’re happy for that. But, as soon as that feeling of initial triumph shutters up your spine, you run face first into the wall of zero weight loss.I have bought almost 6 diet programs online. Either ebooks or software or coaching programs. My advice is to ONLY purchase programs that give you a 30-60 day money back guarantee.

I also fell victim to many of the fast weight loss fads out there.I’m not going to name programs but diet pills, those expensive diet plans where you have to buy their food exclusively and I even tried a personal trainer but it was just too expensive.

After a lot of experimenting I finally found a program that started working for me,allow me to have my eating style and fit into my budget and lifestyle. I was able to go from 222lbs to 196 in a little over 30 days. It gave me so much inspiration and confidence I signed up at the gym and continued on my diet and in another 30 days I was down to about 185.

The day I hit my goal weight I will never forget. The last 1 pound had taken me the longest time to get rid of. But that morning when I stepped on the scales and saw my weight was 1/2 pound UNDER my goal weight I jumped off the scales and ran around the house screaming! I was so so happy. I’d finally done it and it was an unbelievable feeling. This feeling of euphoria lasted about 10 minutes before the enormity of what I had achieved actually sunk in. I sat on my sofa in the lounge and just started crying and crying. I cried on and off for most of the day. I know that sounds completely ridiculous, but I had DONE IT! Part of the tears were of absolute joy and part of me was crying with fear – fear of not being able to maintain and stay where I was. The worry of “what the hell was I going to do now?” was also a big part of it.

guess what? I am still safe now,and I believe I will be fine if I always keep doing what the program taught me to,thank you VERY MUCH and your program,I am a new person now,and for whom is reading the story,never believe that it’s genetic that your are overweight and you can’t change it no matter how hard you try, you just believe in yourself, yes you CAN.And if you ask me my opinion about what to do,I would say “just try it”, you don’t need to follow my way of “trying out”,this program really worked for me, it will work for you.

I love the new me and all the compliments I am getting and the support from my friends and family has been fantastic, thank you John,Steve and my cute son Ralph,thank you for giving me the support and power.And hope all of you read this article can get help to copy my success and share my happiness.